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A Journey into Sound & Mantra
With Elizabeth - Satpurkha Kaur

Monday June 29th
5:30pm - 7:00pm

"What does it mean to master a mantra?  When you have repeated it so much, so often and so well that you hear it within your being..."

The scientific use of sound to affect consciousness is called mantra yoga and is one of the most important aspects of Kundalini Yoga.

"Man" means mind, "Tra" means to tune the vibration.  Mantra is a sound current which tunes and controls mental vibration.

Mantras are key sounds that can open up every realm in the Universe. So, mantra is not something that you say, it is something that you are striving to become. If you become the key, it will open up a different dimension of life and experience within you.  

The U-turn in Satpurkha's life happened 16 years ago, when she experienced a deep understanding that all is energy manifesting itself. Tomatis method, Hatha Yoga, German New Medicine, Kundalini Yoga, Sound and Gong became part of her journey of exploring how energy interacts and flows.


June - July

The five rebirthings are being given as a special package online for $50 to our teacher trainees or $15 per individual class on Zoom. Dates are as follows:

Monday June 15th & 22nd 

4:00 PM Cairo Local // 5:00 PM Palestine // 6:00 PM Dubai 

Wednesday July 1st 

4:00 PM Cairo Local // 5:00 PM Palestine // 6:00 PM Dubai 

Friday June 26th & July 3rd 

8 AM Cairo Local // 9 AM Palestine // 10 AM Dubai 

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