Shiv Charan Singh

Shiv Charan Singh, an unassuming and authentic spiritual teacher, Scottish by birth, is the founding director of the International Karam Kriya School (1996). Karam Kriya means ‘Total action through which our karma is brought to completion though application of spiritual consciousness guided by the intelligence of numbers’. Through the philosophy and practice of Karam Kriya, Shiv Charan Singh is deeply committed to guiding students in their spiritual growth, so they can bring spiritual awareness into their everyday lives and develop their full potential as human beings – to become the best they can be.

Following a degree in Humanities and further training in counselling and therapeutic skills, Shiv Charan Singh went on to become an outstanding spiritual counsellor, working intensively and successfully with people having drug habits and severe emotional problems. He continues to offer profoundly transformative individual and couples counselling, and has been working internationally with groups for over 30 years. Meeting, being with, and communicating with him is an invitation and opportunity to look at life from a very new perspective and to experience something fresh, surprising and magical.

He is the author of several books and articles on different aspects of spiritual life including human communication, the mystery of numbers (Let the Numbers Guide You) and poetry, (available on As a renowned teacher of Kundalini Yoga (since 1980) and a Lead Teacher Trainer for the KRI accredited Kundalini Yoga Aquarian Teacher Training Level I & Level II, Shiv Charan Singh mentors training programmes worldwide.

In the year 2000, he founded, along with his wife Satya Kaur, the vibrant and cosmopolitan Kriya Centre in London. And in 2007 he relocated to Portugal where he co-founded the Quinta do Rajo Ashram, a retreat centre and home base for the International Karam Kriya School.

Nancy ~ Hari Darshan Kaur

Based in Dubai for 20 years, Nancy Zabaneh a.k.a. Hari Darshan Kaur is a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world and an active Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Trainer with the New Mexico-based Aquarian Teacher Academy (KRI).

Nancy coordinated the Arabian Gulf's first ever yoga teacher trainings, and has since led many more.  She is a Compassionate Inquiry therapist, certified by renowned, Vancouver-based physician Dr. Gabor Mate, through his psychotherapeutic approach. Nancy is also part of the Healthy Breast Foundations Program, designed to educate women about breast health. She helps facilitate community classes in Beyond Addiction, an internationally recognized recovery program for addiction.  In 2019, she was a trainer in the first-ever Kundalini Yoga teacher training in Palestine and has held retreats in Sri Lanka, Zanzibar and the UAE.​


Dedicated to spreading awareness through conscious living and diverse methodologies, Nancy founded Darshan in 2019, a training, seminar and event curator that builds grassroots connections through its rich calendar of activations designed to render service, education and inspiration.  Nancy is also founder of The Red Chair, a platform for raising awareness and pushing boundaries around topical issues.  

Educated at both McGill University and the London School of Economics with an MA in International Relations, Nancy began her career as a corporate banker, before moving into corporate and government communications, and since evolving into an independent emotional intelligence mentor.  A certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (American Board of NLP), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, Nancy is a motivational speaker who has headlined for media outlets and events across the Arab world.

Nancy is married with three teenage children and moves frequently between Dubai, Toronto and London.

Ram Singh

Ram Singh first encountered Kundalini Yoga as a child in Togo, West Africa, in the early 80s. In the years since, he has been blessed to be guided by his spiritual teacher, Shiv Charan Singh, through that deep journey.

After years of teaching in contexts where yoga is still little present — a center for drug addicts, a group of elderly students, an institution for autistic teenagers, a nursing training school, and more — he and his wife Gururavi Kaur founded the Dharamsal Yoga Center in Toulouse, France, in 2011, dedicated to the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

As a Kundalini Yoga Lead Teacher Trainer, Ram Singh is involved in several KRI-approved Teacher Training programs worldwide, including Centre de Kundalini Yoga à ToulouseInternational College of Kundalini Yoga, and Yoga Teachers 4 Africa. Ram Singh also teaches Karam Kriya, the sacred science of applied numerology.

A singer and musician, he is the author of three albums of mantras of Kundalini Yoga and sacred songs from the Sikh traditions. As a lover of Sikh sacred scriptures, Ram Singh teaches courses on Jap Ji Sahib. After translating the Jap Ji and the whole Nitnem — the collection of Sikh daily recitations — into French, he has recently committed to completing the translation of the whole Siri Guru Granth Sāhib.

Madalena - Sukhgian Kaur

Sukhgian Kaur means the one who lives peacefully, serving others with the knowledge and wisdom of the Infinite.

She is passionate about sharing the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga and promote awareness, reflection and self-discovery through the uplifting pranayamas, kriyas and meditations of KY and has been teaching other types of yoga (Vinyasa, Therapeutic, Yin, and Kids’ Yoga) since 2014, in Abu Dhabi.

In 2015, achieved her professional Certification as a Co-Active Coach, by CTI, working as a pro-bono Life Coach for several NGOs globally.

Sukhgian is certified by KRI in Level 1 Kundalini Yoga, feeling quite honoured to have studied in her home country, Portugal, with Shiv Charan Singh and Satya Kaur. Recently, she committed to further her Kundalini Yoga knowledge and practice, and is currently pursuing the Level 2 Modules certification with Shiv Charan Singh (International Karam Kriya School) in different parts of the world.

Leela ~ Charan Prem Kaur

Leela~Charan Prem Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2012. Through the flow of grace, it is an absolute blessing for her to share the teachings that have profoundly shaped and changed her life. She finds most joy in teaching and serving others. 

Leela’s classes focus on the Body, Mind and Soul working together as one unit in harmony.

Ruba Abughaida

Ruba Abughaida is a poet, author and yoga practitioner.  She has published a collection of poetry called Paths and Passageways in Arabic and English (published by Albion Beatnik Press in 2019). Her short story ‘The Sirocco Winds’ won first prize in the Writers and Artists Historical Fiction competition in 2014.  She holds a creative writing degree from Oxford University and an Mst in creative writing from Cambridge University. She is currently completing a post graduate degree at SOAS, London University, in Arabic Medieval Thought.  Her writing, including short stories, poetry and reviews, has appeared in several publications in the UK, North America and Lebanon and she translates poetry and fiction in Arabic and English.

Ruba has been practicing yoga and meditation for 20 years.  She studied hatha yoga and has deepened her relationship with poetry through the practice of Kundalini yoga which she discovered 10 years ago.  She has been taught by several renowned teachers and counts her friend Nancy among them.  Ruba believes in exploring the connection between yoga and poetry as a way of coming back to oneself.  As a writer she holds the intention of awakening in others a poetic way of inhabiting the inner and outer world.

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