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Wednesday 24th June
(10:00am - 11:30am Dubai)

Madalena - Sukhgian Kaur

It can heal all, because it is the breath of life, which is the spirit in you, which is the soul in you, which is actually you, alive.

Relate to the breath. Create a relationship with it. Fall in love.

Aquarian Sadhana In Person: Celebrating Solstice

Saturday, June 20th

(6:30AM - 8:30AM - Dubai)

The Aquarian Sadhana is a morning practice of prayer, Kundalini Yoga, the chanting of mantras and meditation.

Join us in person for the first time in many months bright and early, when the mind is clearest and meditation most potent.

Booking is required in advance.

All are welcome by Nilaya House

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Poetry in Motion:  Ignite Your Creativity
Through Yoga & Writing

Saturday 20th June
(4:00pm - 6:30pm Dubai)

Together with poet, author and yoga practitioner Ruba Abughaida, Nancy will take you on a journey of expression through a combination of yoga, breath work and the written word. 


Exploring the Life of Guru Nanak

Wednesday 17th June
5:30 - 6:45pm (Dubai)

Leela~Charan Prem Kaur has been practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2012. Through the flow of grace, it is an absolute blessing for her to share the teachings that have profoundly shaped and changed her life. She finds most joy in teaching and serving others. 

Leela’s classes focus on the Body, Mind and Soul working together as one unit in harmony. 


Loving Intimacy & Conscious Sexuality:
An Exploration of Polarities

Friday 12th June and Saturday 13th June
(9:00am - 11:30am Dubai)

Featuring gifted Toulouse-based trainer Ram Singh, we will explore the spiritual value of sexual energy, understand the dynamics of polarity and apply that understanding toward a more conscious life and happier relationships.


Breaking the Patters of Unwanted Habits

3rd, 11th & 18th May

As a community facilitator in the Beyond Addiction Program, Hari Darshan Kaur will be sharing a special 3-part Ramadan series designed for anyone seeking to overcome an unhealthy habit.  Register direct with Nilaya House


24th April
16:30 (Dubai time)

darshan presents a special online class with Kundalini Teacher Trainer Nancy - Hari Darshan Kaur.

Confirmation with Zoom link will be forwarded upon payment and registration - For questions email us at darshan via


Attitude & Altitude with Shiv Charan Singh

April 23rd
6pm (Dubai time)

Module 2 of this year's teacher training commences at the end of next week as scheduled online. Darshan presents Lead Trainer, Gifted Numerologist, Author and Founder of Karam Kriya Shiv Charan Singh in a special class.


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